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11 July 2019

Selected by Wallpaper!

WallpaperSTORE* is the go-to retailer for the most refined design stuff. We are generously stocked with design desirables, staples and giftables, representing some 300 brands and designers. Our selection is as broad as the magazine’s remit, from vases and decorative objects, to tabletop and workspace.

1 July 2019

Ogami on land of

Ogami is now available on Land of Paper, an online store qualified in notebooks characterized by the atten- tion to details, love for design and high quality finishes.

7 june 2019

Leica grand tour milano studio digital

Via Tortona 35, 8 – 9 giugno Ogami is in partnership with Leica Groud Tour, the extraordinary journey along Italy. Talk, big photographers, photowalk, the possibility to try Leica cameras on professional set, and the Gound Tour Party at the end of the journey. The legendary brand status is founded on a tradition of excellence in optical constructions for over one hun- dred years. The attention to news and the innovation are the distinctive feature from Leica Groud Tour, basic values of the Ogami philosophy.

10 March 2019

Ogami in bottega pepoli Museum

Palazzo Pepoli. Museo della Storia di Bologna Via Castiglione, 8 – Bologna Discover Ogami on Palazzo Pepoli Bookshop. Museum of the history of Bologna. Cuore di Genus Bononiae, is a museum itinerary dynamic and innovative dedicated at the history, culture and city’s evolution. An ama- zing, multimedial and sensorial itinerary throught two thousands years of history.

1 January

We are back!

Start again with this photograph taken by Kirkland. It was in 2011 when Douglas flew from Los Angeles to Milano to photograph a notebook. Douglas Kirkland, who photographed Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Micheal Jackson and other thousand of celebrities, flew for over 20 hours to photograph our Ogami note- book! In a few months we were selected for the Adi design index and we were present in the book stores of the world’s most important museums. From Moma to Whitney, Tate and finally Triennale. It is in 2019 and Ogami starts again with a new society but with the same philosophy accompanies us from the first day: the creation of unusual accessories where material and design can contribute to make less virtual our lives. Paolo Frello CEO Ogami design

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