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Adrenaline Junkies! 8pcs. Mini

Collections of notebooks the small size make it even more portable, perfect to carry with you always, even in your pocket, always ready to collect your thoughts and not to lose even one. 90mm ×140mm, 48 pages

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In the version with soft cover and rounded corners, the notebook is totally flexible, whith a 360° opening.

Professional is a collection of plain color exercise books, suitable for all creative needs, with a refined and elegant design, typical of craftsman ship and Made in Italy style.

Metropolitan assortment for urban traveller, for who wants to write down the last lines of his new song between one stop and the other.

Repap stone paper is made with recycled materials from construction sector without using trees, water and toxic substances. The result is a waterproof and biodegradable paper, with brilliant white, velvety and more resistant than the traditional one.

Ogami notebooks are new and unusual products in which the attention to design and the study of materials merge to create an original and unique notebook.