Repap the stone paper

Repap is an innovative and revolutionary stone paper, which characterises OGAMI’s notebooks, made from material recovered from quarries and from processing waste produced by the construction industry. Production of the stone paper requires less water and less energy than producing regular paper.

- 100 %
- 100 %

Discover our paper, unique and eco friendly.

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Ogami è un'alternativa
alla classica carta di cellulosa

Made by

Calcium Carbonate CaCO3 80%
Non-toxic resins 20%

100% Tree Free

In order to produce our notebooks we don't cut down any Trees.

0 water

We don't need any water to produce stone paper

Doesn't contain Clore or Acyd

In order to produce stone paper we don't use any substance related to petroleum. The production of our paper, compared to the classic one, requires less energy and less CO2 emissions.


Stone paper isn't just waterproof, it's also more resistant to rips and weathering then regular paper.

Soft touch​

Stone paper is much brighter and it has a softer touch. The paper edges are rounded and can't hurt you.


Stone paper, once introduced into the nature, can disappear in 14-18 months.

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